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Specially designed grades of Sumika Polycarbonate Limited to satisfy customers’ specific requirements.

Grade names Characteristics Applications
300 Series
General purpose grades
SD POLYCA 300 series are general purpose grades. These grades have a good balance of heat resistance and impact resistance. This series include some modified versions for better mold release property and weather resistant property, thus this series could cover a broad range of applications including extruded sheets, electronic parts, stationery, mobile equipment and other miscellaneous applications. Sheet, Film, Electronics/Electric, Stationary, Mobile equipment etc.

350 Series
Steam resistant grades

SD POLYCA 350 series are steam resistant grades suitable for applications used in high humid / high temperature environments such as bathroom light covers.

Bathroom light covers

770,870 Series
Environmentally friendly FR grades

SD POLYCA 770 and 870 series are based on silicone type flame retardants instead of conventional bromine type and phosphonate type flame retardants. SD POLYCA 770 and 870 series are environmentally friendly polycarbonate resins and show excellent hydrolysis resistance, thermal stability, heat resistance and molding capability.

Electric/electronic equipment, Precision instrument, Construction parts, miscellaneous goods
LR8000 Series
High light reflective grades
SD POLYCA LR 8000 series have high light reflectivity and good ignition resistant property, based on our excellent compounding technology. These grades are used for light reflective parts in LCD displays. Light reflective sheet and housing of LCD display, Flash reflector etc.
Glass reinforced grades

SD POLYCA IM5101V is a glass fiber reinforced grade. This grade shows high tensile / flexural modulus while maintaining relatively light density. This grade is suitable for housing of cameras and other applications which need high modulus.

Housing of camera and Binocular
CF5000 Series
Carbonfiber reinforced grades

SD POLYCA CF5000 series are carbon fiber reinforced grades. These grades give very high flexural strength and flexural modulus, and suitable for housing of electronic products.

Housing of electronic products
CS5000 Series
Abrasion resistant grades
SD POLYCA CS series are abrasion resistant grades. These products show high abrasion resistance in addition to high heat resistance, mechanical properties and dimensional stability of polycarbonate resin. These products are suitable to the application where abrasion resistance is required such as gears, bearings and keyboard switches. Gear, bearing and keyboard switch etc.
IM400 Series
Low temperature
high impact property grades (Opaque)
SD POLYCA™ IM 400 series show high impact resistance at cold temperature. This series are suitable for housing of cell phone and other mobile equipment. Mobile equipment parts
IM6000 Series PC/ABS alloy grades

SD POLYCA IM6000 series are PC/ABS alloy grades. These grades have excellent properties of both polycarbonate and ABS resins such as high impact strength, heat stability and good processing latitude in injection molding. We prepare variety of products to cover your applications.

Housing of electric/electronic equipment etc.
FR PC alloy grades

PCX-3655 is a high heat resistant phosphate type FR PC alloy. This product satisfies V-0 at 1.5mm thickness.

Housing and parts of OA equipment
CR Series
PC/Polyester alloy grades

SD POLYCA CR series are PC/Polyester alloy grades. These products have improved chemical resistant property in addition to high impact property and heat resistant property of polycarbonate resin. For some applications, we prepare glass fiber reinforced grades to satisfy your needs.

Automotive exterior parts
Conductive grade SD POLYCA FD9082I-2 is a conductive polycarbonate grade based on excellent properties of CALIBRE polycarbonate resin.

Hard disk case etc.

Transparent antistatic PC grade Antistatic PC grade PCX-10325B shows stable antistatic property while maintaining high transparency. Transparent parts which require antistatic property.
Light diffusion grades
Our light reflective products have high light reflectivity and good ignition resistant property, based on our excellent compounding technology. These grades are used for light reflective parts in LCD displays. LED lighting cover and light diffusion board
High optical property grades SD POLYCA SD2201W and SD2221W satisfy both high optical property and high flow requirements. These grades are suitable for light guide plate application. Light guide plate and other optical parts
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